Daniel Gino, founder of EXPLORE-ISRAEL.COM was born in Haifa and grew up in the city on the slopes of Mount Carmel.

After specializing in Judaism and Theatre at High School, Daniel volunteered as a tour guide for Israel’s Nature Park Authority and further programs working with teenagers, installing values by enhancing young people’s connection to the Land of Israel through hiking and outdoor activites.

Following his compulsory military service, volunteering as a Sabotage and Professional Diver for the Navy’s Special Underwater Unit, he felt he should see his own country in its entirety and decided to ride the length of Israel on his horse!  Upon concluding this journey, Daniel wanted to learn the history, geography and human make-up of the land he had just seen in depth, regisitering for the Licensed Tour Guide study program soonafter. Since qualifying as a tour guide, Daniel has been guiding a wide range of clients from the commercial and diplomatic sectors.

Daniel Gino continues to educate and motivate young people, serving as a guide and educator for Birthright Jewish Youth programs and is passionate about bringing Diaspora Jews and Israelis closer together. He understands his role as a Ministry of Tourism Licensed Tour Guide, showing visitors various religious aspects of Israel, as intrinsic to understanding the commonality between world faiths.